Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sara leaves for the Peru MTC!

 Well - Sara finally got off to the Peru MTC today. She was so excited and ready to get on with the work.
 The setting apart went really well and we were glad both grandparents could be there.
 After a few tries both suitcases that were going to be checked weighted in at exactly 50 lbs. Had to leave home the second set of sheets. Hopefully she won't miss them too much.
 We were committed to being to the airport a little early. We achieved that goal except we went to the wrong terminal so by the time we got to the right terminal we were our regular few minutes late.
While we were checking in a man next to us asked where Sara was going. When we said Cochabamba he lit up and said how jealous he was (his daughter was going to Peru). He had been a missionary in Cochabamba and went on to say it is the best mission in the world - most beautiful, best food, perfect temperature, and wonderful people!
We will miss her but happy for her new adventure. We know she will make a great missionary.
We are so amazed that she gets to have this amazing experience with one of her best friends - McKenna Hill. How fun to fly to Peru sitting next to a best friend!

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