Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Oui, c'est bon."

 We love Sola. What a cutie
 Me, Vaiarii, Soeur Raney, Vaihau, and our awesome recent convert Pascal.

Soeur Raney and I about to do a service project clearing out some hard core jungle

This has been SUCH a great week!!! We'll start out with a little adventure I had....
I was trying to get to sleep, but I needed to use the restroom. So I went to use the restroom. And mid pulling down my pants... a COCKROACH jumped out. A COCKROACH JUMPED OUT OF MY PANTS. I have no idea how I didn’t scream... but I took the toilet brush holder and smashed it. Both Soeur Raney and I couldn't sleep very well after that. Hahahaha.

And, more importantly... ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS IS GETTING BAPTIZED! Yes!!!! We are so happy. He will be baptized on July 12th. Ah! We are just all so happy.

Lots of other things happened this week... McDonalds, waiting in the ER for four hours for Soeur Raney's not-even-that-urgent wrist injury, clearing out some jungle with machetes for a member... yeah. Mission life is so great!

I am so grateful and feel so humbled to be here and love these people. Bein ├ža.
Je vous aime!! Bonne semaine!

Soeur Gardiner

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Island life.

Its been another crazy week here in Dubea Sur Mer. I can’t believe it’s already been a transfer... time flies!!! Ah I love it here.
(She has two investigators that are progressing really well.)
And... yeah. Haha, we have a lot of investigators and we were teaching a lot of lessons. Often we have to run clear across our sector to get to our next rendezvous but its cool. I looooove it!
Oh. And by the way. Keep being member missionaries. The world needs your help!!
Love you all, have a good week!
Soeur Gardiner

Monday, June 9, 2014

Say no to drugs

 Vaiarii and me!
 Who says missionaries aren’t allowed to have fun?
 Soeur Raney, our cool friend Glen who is on vacation here from Wallis and Vaihau

Iorana! Et bonjour mes cheries!

I love living on this island. And teaching our amis! Ah, life is so good.

(Molly is working with an inactive and things are going really well.)

And oh yeah, this week I was offered my first cigarette. And I said no! Officer Wilko of D.A.R.E. would be so proud. That was a good day, haha.

Last night we had a soiree familiale with a family from Vanuatu that is Seventh Day Adventist. We taught them I am a Child of God in Bishlama. When I was saying the closing prayer, the dad was saying yes and amen throughout the whole thing. They are the coolest family! And they speak English better than French, so that was a relief.

Speaking of French. Over the past week or so my French skills have grown exponentially!! I have become so much more confident and it’s just awesome. And I know it wouldn’t happen without help from the Savior.

Miracles happen. All it takes is faith and a little bit of hard work!

Je vous aime tellement!! Passe une bonne semaine!

Soeur Gardiner

P Day is Monday, but French holidays are always on Mondays and everything closes. Never count on my being able to email on Mondays!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tahitians, Tahitians, Tahitians.

 Iorana!! (Hello in Tahitian) :)
  I made a DELICIOUS chocolate cake, without a recipe. I was trying to make brownies.... but cake works too – this is my apartment - soooo big. and so clean. :)
 Cutest child. Vaihau & Vaiariis Nephew
me in a Wallisian manon :)

Hello everyone!!! I just want you all to know how much I love you. Really, so much. :)
And I also want you to know how much I love New Caledonia! Ah, I just want to stay here and preach the gospel forever. :)

Signs you’re becoming Tahitian:
1. Raising your eyebrows and grunting a little is easier (and more meaningful) than just saying oui.
2. Milo (essentially just hot chocolate) counts as a meal.
3. Bread is a more useful utensil than a knife.

Haha, I love the Tahitian people. And Wallisians. Those are the main nationalities of the people who live in our sector. All of the different cultures here are so cool. Last week there was a big stake activity where each ward got to present a different island in the pacific. They sang and danced and everything. So cool! I can’t wait to get home and take a Polynesian dance class at BYU.

Our investigators are the best!! (She has a lot of investigators and loves working with them - just didn't want to put all the details on this public blog.)

I love the gospel! I love being here! Island life is so good. And the church is true. :)

Soeur Gardiner

Sorry i didn't have more time to be more clear. Love you!! Good luck! My comp is great! The district is good!! The other sisters in our district are so awesome. Life is good!!