Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Oui, c'est bon."

 We love Sola. What a cutie
 Me, Vaiarii, Soeur Raney, Vaihau, and our awesome recent convert Pascal.

Soeur Raney and I about to do a service project clearing out some hard core jungle

This has been SUCH a great week!!! We'll start out with a little adventure I had....
I was trying to get to sleep, but I needed to use the restroom. So I went to use the restroom. And mid pulling down my pants... a COCKROACH jumped out. A COCKROACH JUMPED OUT OF MY PANTS. I have no idea how I didn’t scream... but I took the toilet brush holder and smashed it. Both Soeur Raney and I couldn't sleep very well after that. Hahahaha.

And, more importantly... ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS IS GETTING BAPTIZED! Yes!!!! We are so happy. He will be baptized on July 12th. Ah! We are just all so happy.

Lots of other things happened this week... McDonalds, waiting in the ER for four hours for Soeur Raney's not-even-that-urgent wrist injury, clearing out some jungle with machetes for a member... yeah. Mission life is so great!

I am so grateful and feel so humbled to be here and love these people. Bein ça.
Je vous aime!! Bonne semaine!

Soeur Gardiner

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