Thursday, July 11, 2013

Letter July 9, 2013

This week was another great week of learning and growing! On Sunday my district was in charge of the special musical number and we all sang A Child´s Prayer together. Hermana Hill and I made eye contact when I was singing because only she knows how funny it is that I was singing in front of over 100 missionaries. The spirit was so strong while we sang. It was awesome. Earlier on Sunday Hermana Adams and I taught our district Sunday School lesson which was on the Developing Christlike Attributes chapter in PMG, which is my favorite chapter in PMG, hence why we volunteered to teach the lesson. It was so great. I loved studying and preparing for it! It is amazing how as a missionary the Lord reveals to you your weaknesses, but also provides a way to make you better. I have found my answers to my shortcomings in chapter six. Luckily the Lord does not expect us to do it alone, with faith and prayer we can become better!
It sounds like you all had a great Fourth of July! That makes me happy! Here in the CCM they decorated the cafeteria in red white and blue and had "American" food which was basically like a thanksgiving dinner with three kinds of meat and a giant American flag cake. It was so fun!
We went to the temple today and my companion was in charge of taking a group of new missionaries to the temple for the first time. We got everyone where we needed to go safe and sound. The temple was so awesome today! I learned so much. It is amazing how much Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us!

I love the Book of Mormon so much! It has the answer to every question. It amazes me how it even answers questions that I didn't even know I was asking. Ha-ha. I saw this happen this morning as I was reading Alma 32 for my "investigator" Carla and I was also spiritually edified beyond what I could imagine. This gospel is so amazing. I love everything about it.

The Spanish is coming along, I feel different about it every day. Ha-ha. I think I just need more confidence, because I get tripped up on trying to figure out exact words when it would be better just to move on and my teachers would still understand what I'm saying. My biggest struggle is finding a balance between speaking Spanish and focusing on the spirit in lessons. It'll come.

Dad asked what I do for exercise. Usually we do squats, pushups, abs and such for 10-15 minutes and then I try to run for the rest of the time. I love it. I feel more in shape than before I left even though we're fed tons of food here ha-ha. There is also volleyball and soccer which is fun as well especially with the Latinos.
My district is absolutely amazing. There is a great spirit and we are all trying our best.
I hope all is well at home! It sounds like things are getting back to normal! Good luck with everything and know I love you so much.
Hermana Gardiner

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