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Hey fambam!

Life is so good here in Sucre, mom is right, it does look a lot like Europe. It's great! I love this city so so much and could not imagine serving anywhere else. I would say my area is pretty nice! Every house we go into has a couch, tv, etc.
I am going to go through my week by day like mom does for me:
Tuesday 6-it was Bolivia's Independence Day or something like that...haha. We had a huge ward activity and we had about 7 investigators there--most invited by their friends. SO COOL! The ward here is so amazing and I feel so blessed to work with them. We taught a couple, Gladys and JuanJose, they are so so prepared and accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of this month so hopefully it works out!!!!!!!
Wednesday 7-our first day of not having much success. I got a nice pat on the shoulder and a "welcome to the mission" haha.

Thursday 8-another day of little success. But it was still so so great:) Oh and I had my first mate... not a fan haha but I guess I'll have to get use to drinking it! It kinda tastes like dirt. Yummmm.

Friday 9-we had our zone meeting today (I didn't get any packages, so hopefully next transfer!) and my district surprised me with a cake for my birthday. It was super nice and I even got my face shoved it the cake haha. I guess that is how they do it here in Latin America! It was funny!!!!
Saturday 10-BAPTISM DAY FOR YIBANA! At 10:30 we met with Yibana to teach her a couple more concepts before the baptism so that was cool, then delt with some font problems-the water was dirty and wouldn't drain, at 1 we had tacos at the Bishop's house, 2 an awesome ward party where the Relief Society brought food from all 9 departments in Bolivia. That was cool. And then 4 was the baptism!!!!!!! It was so wonderful and Yibana was so happy. It was fantastic. Oh and we got a golden investigator, Miguel, and he accepted a baptismal date for the 25th!!! (He was taught by the missionaries in March and came to church then).
Sunday 11-I am 20!!!!! I hope you all feel old cause I sure do haha jkjk. My morning started off with trying to hurry and prepare my talk I had to give on retention in the ward. Real exciting. I used the three points from the front of the July ward newsletter. I was super desperate haha, but I got up there and talked. I know I made a fool of myself with the Spanish, but I hope the ward members appreciated my effort. Before my talk though, Yibana was confirmed!!! Best birthday present ever! We had another awesome lesson with Miguel and then it was time to head back to our casa for dinner. Everyone (familia Flores and the elders we eat dinner with) surprised me for my birthday, lights off, balloons, cake, and everything. It was so sweet. It was a great way to end my birthday!
I love being a missionary so much!!! Thanks for all your love and support and all the birthday wishes!!!!! I hope all is well!!!
Hna Gardiner

ah spiritual thought!
One of the most spiritual experiences this week was when I was reading Romans 8:38-39. These verses really made me realize the reality of God's love for each of His children. NOTHING can come in the way of his love for us. It is through our Savior that we can feel of his love by repenting of our sins and being comforted because He knows everything that we have been through. I have realized how important it is for the people I am teaching to understand how much Heavenly Father loves them and that they can be completely forgiven of their sins. I love this work so much!

Hna Gardiner

Answers to a few questions Sam asked: the weather is great, the food is rice, meat, potatoes, lots of veggies which is awesome, fresh squeezed juice, soup for lunch. We go to the stake center and my apartment is just up the street. It is great. And it is a ward (not a branch) that we are in!

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