Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 5 in Sucre!

Sucre, Bolivia

I cannot believe it is another Monday! The weeks are flying by! This week had its ups and downs but I am so amazed by how much the Lord has blessed me! First of all I read the letters you gave me for when I was feeling discouraged, they made me so happy and was exactly what I needed to hear! You are all the best! Also, yesterday we had an amazing lesson with the couple we are teaching! They, in tears, expressed their desire to have an eternal family and change their lives. I was then able to extend the invitation to be baptized. This was probably one of my favorite moments yet on the mission. Watching people that I truly love and pray for make the decision for themselves to follow Christ it the most rewarding thing in the world! They are working towards being baptized on the 21 of Sept and getting married on the 20th! Hopefully that all works out!

 Yesterday we had a district activity where Elder Robertson and I dressed up in Bolivian costumes (because we are the only two Americans in our district and they thought that we would attract the most attention haha) to take family photos with people at the Parque Bolivar. We are going to print the pictures and take them to the people’s houses and teach them about the Gospel and the role of families in it. It was funny and definitely out of my comfort zone. It was cool though. And even after we were out of pamphlets and Book of Mormons and were no longer taking pictures people were ASKING for appointments to learn more about our church! So so cool.

 My health is great! I literally have not had a problem and the bed bugs are gone for good. I took my clothes and sheets to be washed today because it would literally take me hours if I were to do myself. I do wash some clothes by hand every other week though and that works out well! I did have a blister on the bottom of my left forth toe, but it is totally gone now and me feet are as happy as ever! I love the food and look forward to every meal! My pensionista is awesome.

Life is so good and I am so so happy! I love being a missionary so much! Oh! I also love 2 Nephi 9. Such an awesome chapter of scripture! Our goal this week is to focus on getting new investigators so hopefully that goes well! The church is true! Love you all!


Hna Gardiner

Answers to Sam’s questions:

Transfers are on the 11th, and yes, you only travel if there is a change (which the zone leaders call this Sunday night with our assignments for the next transfer which should be no change for us).

Yeah, Sefany is with us and it is going great!

The conferences with Pres. Dyer are every three months and yes he travels to Sucre, but next time it'll probably be in Potosi and if I am still here I'll go to Potosi for that.

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