Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cyclone.... more like PSYCHlone

Sister missionaries sang as they walked and walked and waaaaaalked
Palm trees... blue skies.... paradise :)

It’s been a CRAZY week everyone.

We have been stuck in the house allllll weekend long because of a cyclone warning. It was awful! Haha. I JUST WANTED TO GET OUTSIDE AND WORK SO BAD but also it was pouring rain as if God took a jazillion power washers and pointed them all at Kone at once on and off about every five minutes for three days straight. Wahoo. Then the kicker is the actual cyclone never touched down. How exciting!

We still had church on Sunday morning. This time we had bread for the sacrament because I made some. What else do you do when you're stuck in the house for two days? And a cute inactive young mother came with her adorable baby!! We were all super pumped. But the BEST part of this story is when she asked us if we could come over and teach her sometime, because she "only has a few lessons left before she can get baptized." Uh.... WHAT! Yep. That awkward moment when Elders have been here for the past seven months and NO ONE KNEW SHE WASNT BAPTIZED. The elders just assumed that she was inactive because her husband is. So we have a baptism coming up real soon!! We will be teaching her today! Wahoo!!!!!

Then yesterday we got out porte a porteing once again. Walking outside feels like walking through a sauna while someone is pointing a flamethrower at your face haha. Anyways, after walking about a mile and a half to actually get to the neighborhood, and we start yelling bonjour at houses. And everyone just ignores us!!! Even if they’re outside and DEFINITELY can hear us, they just pretend like we aren’t there! How rude! I’ve never seen anything like it. Anyways... After about an hour or so of that we didn’t have a ton of hope left. But we kept going, and kept on getting rejected.

THEN. We stop in front of this brick house with a car parked in front of it that I recognized. I remembered that I had waved at the beautiful black lady that had been driving in that car earlier that day! I knew that Heavenly Father had led us to her. Lucky for us she didn’t ignore us when we yelled and she came out to talk to us. :) After presenting our message, she was kind of trying to say goodbye when I asked her her name, Wilmida. :) Then I asked her where she was from, the West Indies. Then she started asking questions about us too. Then she asked us if we needed some water, and YES, we desperately needed some water!! She was soooo sweet and asked us all about our beliefs. Turns out, one of our inactive here is one of her best friends! So cool. She said that Soeur Clarque had talked to her a little about the church before. Then as Wilmida took care of feeding her baby we cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes and helped her out. Then she even made us a milkshake, which she is working on perfecting because she’s going to open a milkshake/smoothie/juice place here in Kone, which will be SO cool because there’s nothing like that yet here. Anyways, SHES AWESOME! And we didn’t talk really to her husband because he was weed whacking outside, but he seems super cool too. MIRACLES HAPPEN! There are people here prepared for the gospel! God WILL lead us to them!!

I couldn’t be happier right now. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! And I love you all :)


Soeur Gardiner

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