Sunday, January 18, 2015

How many sisters does it take to kill one cockroach?

 Saying goodbye to Josie
 Cleaning off in the Stake Presidents river after doing service on his ginormous jungle property.
 Corossol.... the weirdest yummiest fruit I have ever tasted. You can’t compare it to any other fruit. It’s amazing!
 Triooooo. :)
 Because I guess it’s normal to see wild parrots all the time when you live on an island.

Here’s the answer: one. The other four are on the other side of the room standing on chairs and screaming. Haha, my two companions are both deathly afraid of bugs, and so are Soeur Gauthier and Soeur White. Needless to say, I’m the one that has to take care of the cockroaches.

So here’s the scoop: We aren’t in Koné yet. Super lame. We have Zone Conference with President Brewer next Thursday, so they don’t want to go all the way up to Koné just to come back down. Gah so frustrating. I JUST WANNA GET TO WORK IN KONE!!

So we are stuck staying in Dumbea Sur Mer until next Friday. Not that I don’t absolutely adore Dumbea or Soeur White and Soeur Gauthier, it’s just that I want to get to work so badly!!!!!! Argh. That means that by the time we get to Koné, two of six weeks worth of work are automatically down the toilet. Huuuuge bummer.

Trying to stay a little positive about the situation though! One fantastic part of being here was yesterday I got to see Vaiarii bless the sacrament. My eyes may have watered a little bit :) He’s already doing missionary work too! He invited a friend to church last week, and he came again this week! He wants to be taught by the missionaries!! Wahoo! I’m so so proud of him :)

Sorry this is lame. I promise next weeks will be a whole lot more exciting! I’m so so so so so excited to get up to Koné and get to work. If I ever get there, that is.... Ha.

Oh yeah, and today is my 10 month mark. Double digits... we are really getting down to the wire here. Why does time fly so quickly? I just want to be a missionary forever.

Love you all!!!

Soeur Gardiner

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