Monday, January 20, 2014

Colcapirhua! I can finally say it!

 Last night with Hna Bolaños and Chachuca (in Sucre)
 Train tracks and open spaces (in Colcapirhua)
Me with mi compy Hna Pérez! And a field of grass... (in Colcapirhua)

So much has happened this week and I don't know what to say! But all is well and I am loving life here in Colcapirhua! This has been one of the best weeks of my mission! I have learned so much from my experience of changing areas and finishing the training of Hermana Pérez.
Things I have learned:
Every person I have had the opportunity to know here in the mission was inspired. Words cannot express the love I feel for the people of Sucre and the friendships I made there. I was fine when I left, but my second day here it hit me that I am not in Sucre anymore... but now I am good again haha. I was only one day of sadness.
I also know that I am here in Colcapirhua for a reason! The people are so beautiful and loving. And I have so much to learn from them as I will be serving them here.
I have learned the importance of one's example. As I am with Hermana Pérez I have realized how important my example is for her. I hope that she can learn how to be an effective, obedient missionary!
I have learned more clearly how this work really is the Lord's. Every day we have seen a handful of miracles as we are working! There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction than working hard all day long to do the Lord's will and be an instrument in his hands. It really is incredible to be a missionary! I love this work so much! I am excited to see what my time here will bring. We have a handful of investigators that have great potential to progress. Yesterday we taught a man in his forties that lives alone. His wife died ten years ago and his sons don't live with him. It was amazing as he expressed his desire to change his life and the opportunity we had to testify of the gospel truths that really can change his life. The people here are a lot more receptive than in Scure so that is cool and there is always work to do and people to teach! Our main problem is going to be getting the people to come to Church... But with faith it'll all work out! We also have a lot of work to do with the members... I am excited to get to know them better and help them realize their part in this work!
I have also learned that rain and dirt mixed together can be slippery... and cause for very dirty shoes. Haha. I love the rain though. I love our area so much! It seriously is so beautiful. There is a part that has lots of fields and when I am there I feel like I am in West Kaysville/West Layton. It's awesome and so great! I am so happy to be here! Our area is Kilometer 8.5 to Kilometer 10 and all the area north and south (if you look it up on google maps or something). When it comes to bug bites, I only really have them on my legs... so that's cool and it is not as bad as I was expecting. Our pension is good! She asked me if I eat a lot or a little... so I was able to tell her only a little (and it is still a lot of food, but less than I was eating before) so I feel healthier and all is good there! We also have a HUGE empty room that I can run in, so now my figure eights are a little bigger than before haha.
Hermana Pérez is a joy! She always has a smile and the people love her. She wants to work hard and is great at teaching! I am so excited to spend this transfer (or more) with her! I have so much to learn from her. It's gonna be great.
I hope you are all doing well! I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support!
Hermana Gardiner

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