Sunday, May 18, 2014

An apology and a real update

 Beautiful New Cal. I love the mountains here
  Our district
Us with Vaihau

Hello beautiful family! P Days here are super super stressful and last week was just not a good experience computer wise. I apologize for not being more thorough but writing the president had to take precedence, and there wasn't enough time because the building was closing. Super lame, I am so so sorry. Here is the complete update, and pictures because my bag made it here!

The flight: so we flew on Fiji Airways, which is super super nice. If you ever go to Fiji, make sure that's what you take. The flight from LA to Fiji wasn't too bad and I slept most of the time. The 7 hour wait in the Fiji airport was super hard though.

Vanuatu: I think Vanuatu is my favorite place on the planet. So green and lush, and so friendly!! Everyone just lives in a little squat and is so humble and generous. The first night I stayed with the Sister Training Leaders in Freshwota. I took a shower there and then another sister took a shower after me. When she came out, she said "did you see a snake in the shower?" And I was like "Noooo.." and she just said, "Good. It was just little anyway" Ahhhh! She continued to tell me horror stories about coconut crabs, cockroaches, and centipedes. That made sleeping on their floor a little hard, haha. It was so fun going out with the sisters and trying to pick up as much Bishlama as I could.

We ate dinner with President Brewer that night at a restaurant that looks out over the ocean. The sunset was absolutely beautiful!! I love Vanuatu. I definitely have to go back someday.

New Cal, Dumbea Sur Mer!

I LOVE DUMBEA!! Its such a unique place. Kind of reminds me of a post apocalyptic civilization. Its mostly government housing condos and apartments, but probably also the safest neighborhood in New Cal. We have a cute little beach in our sector. Its a great place!
Soeur Raney is a genius. She graduated from high school when she was 15. Shes from Arizona and goes to school in Arizona. She is GREAT. We get along super super well! I am so grateful to have a trainer who is good at training who can also be my friend at the same time.

Our apartment is sooooo nice, probably the nicest in the entire mission. Its clean, cockroach free, and its got a nice shower! Life is good in Dumbea Sur Mer.

I love love loove our investigators. Vaihau  and Vairii (his 16 year old brother) are doing pretty well and coming to church. I hope they can be baptized soon! None of our other investigators came to church, so that was super super sad. We just need to keep working!

For Skye next Sunday, (Saturday in the states i guess haha) make sure you write down all of the questions you want to ask so that we can use the time effectively. Love you all so much!!!

Soeur Gardiner

French is........ coming. I understand pretty well but speaking is harder for me than it was in the MTC. I am hoping that it'll come soon. Pray for me!

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