Sunday, May 25, 2014

Skyped for Mothers Day and lots of pictures

Molly was able to Skype for Mothers Day yesterday (two weeks late) so instead of spending her computer time writing a letter she sent a lot of pictures.

She doesn't have a lot of computer time so if you would like to write her - here is her address - it cost $1.15 or 3 stamps (This address will stay the same her whole mission.)

Soeur Molly Gardiner
Bureau de la Mission
BP 15154 98 804
Noumea Cedex
Nouvelle Caledonie

 Dumbea Sur Mer
 La Famille Putua, a recent convert family that feeds us once a week
  Chez Nouna, our little convenience store where we buy bread and things. Our apartment complex is the building just behind it
Our apartment building
 Dumbea Sur Mer
Sunset from our balcony

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