Sunday, September 21, 2014


I am so tired of driving. So tired of studying the Code of the road. So tired of dealing with all the little things that come with driving a car. I hate cars.

Auto Ecole is going great! It’s just really, really not fun. And I would much rather be proselyting. But! I’m definitely improving and getting less and less questions wrong. It’s hard at the beginning when you don’t know all of the vocabulary, but I’ve pretty much got it figured out now.

On a much happier note...

I LOVE MONT DORE. Not only is it GORGEOUS, the people here are incredible. We have some awesome investigators, awesome members. It’s incredible!

Plus, I have the coolest companionship in the world. Soeur Maleb and Soeur Tehanin are sooo funny. We get along so well. We all admitted during companionship inventory that we were scared to be together but it is SUCH an incredible companionship. It’s so much fun all of the time, and its awesome in lessons. As President Brewer would say, we have an ideal companionship. Three different cultures! So cool. That makes it so we can connect easily to EVERYONE. I never want different companions.

It’s just crazy how different things are chez the Tahitians, chez the Melanesians, chez the French. It’s a good different, it’s what makes us unique. Happily, the gospel brings us together as brothers and sisters. :) Love it! I’m so grateful to be here and see so many other ways of life.

Je vous aime troooop!! Passez une bonne semaine.

Soeur Gardiner

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