Monday, February 10, 2014


planning with my headlamp and candle light
José terrasaz at the right and Bishop Días at the left
Us with Justina her daughters and some neighbor kids
Hello my dear family!
Another week has come and gone. It is crazy how fast time is flying. It's unreal. I really feel like I was just writing you yesterday. Things are great here in Colcaphirhua.
This week we had a couple incredible lessons. One was with the bishop and Jose Terrasaz. José is set to be baptized the 22nd. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It really is incredible to have members in the lessons with us because the bishop was able to share personal experiences that were really powerful. José told us that he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to come to church yesterday but he ended up making it for the sacrament. It was great. And really is so so excited for his baptism! We also taught a Hermana for the first time, her name is Marina (our third investigator named Marina haha) and has a son that is a missionary in Santa Cruz. She had so many awesome questions for us and it was so cool to feel the Holy Ghost work through us as we were able to teach her and resolve her doubts. She has a great potential to progress! We are also teaching a kid that is 12, Jorge. His mom (we also teaching her as well but she's not super interested for herself) wants him to have good friends and make good decisions so she sent him to church alone. Hahah there was another 12 year old that is an investigator of the elders and it was his first time at church as well and they became friends and are so excited to come to church next week and Jorge wants to bring his siblings as well. We are also teaching a lady names Justina. She has the cutest daughters and she really wants to have a change and raise her daughters well. The familia Alá couldn't make it to church yesterday so that was a bummer, but all is well with them and they are still set on getting baptized the 22nd!
Right now I am really working on having more faith. As mom knows, we are realists haha and sometimes I find myself lacking faith that baptisms are going to happen or things like that. But I know that there is so much power in faith and that the Lord really can work miracles! Faith is either growing or receding and it is so so important, especially in this work, that my faith is constantly growing!
Wellp it was a great week and the Lord has blessed us so much! I love you all and hope all is well! Happy Valentine’s day to all!
Oh yeah, something funny. The zone leaders hadn't payed our light bill for three weeks so we didn’t have light or power for a night. We planned by candle light and enjoyed freezing cold showers in the morning. It was great.

Hermana Gardiner

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