Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh, it's Monday again?!

 Christ Statue
 A turtle
My exchange with Hna Bolanos
here is a picutre of us with turtles that i took special for my grandma turtle!

Hey fam!
It sounds like all is well from mom and dad's emails! I love you all so much and know that I am praying for you! Thanks for all your love and support.
We had a zone meeting this week and President has but the theme of being angels. That really as missionaries, we are angles for the people we are teaching and the members we are serving! This has really helped me realize what my purpose is and what I need to be focused to do every day. We've been reading scriptures that talk about when angles have visited people and our goal is to apply this in our teaching and our purpose. It really is beautiful and it's helped me learn so much! We all have the opportunity in one way or another, to be angles for those around us that need help!
All is well here in Colcapirhua. I feel so so blessed! We have six baptisms planned for this Saturday. I am praying and trying to strengthen my faith that all will be well and work out! One is named José Terrasas. He was so excited for his baptism he took the invitations for his baptism to his family and friends, unfortunately none of them want to support him--especially his in-laws so his wife is no longer supporting him. He is sad, but determined to get baptized and has a lot of faith that they will one day realized the difference in him and have the desire to learn more about the gospel. He is such a great example for me and I know the Lord has many great things planned for him. We also have a family and five of them should get baptized this Saturday as well. They are so great and their little (8 11 15) daughters are so excited to get baptized! It is beautiful to see how excited they are!
This week I had an intercambio with Hermana Bolaños. It was fun to be with her again and to have the opportunity to be reminded of how she teaches. She is such a great example for me and I am so grateful for all I have learned from her and her friendship! We will definitely be friends forever! It was so funny... She almost died in my area haha. She isn't a big fan of mud or animals (especially frogs-there are always tons of tiny frogs guming around. I think they're cute hahaha).
This is the last week of the transfer! I can't believe how quickly this transfer has passed! I really hope that Hermana Pérez and I will be together one more transfer. I feel like we still have so much to learn from each other and we still need to get better at teaching together. We get along super well and always have fun even if we have a hard day. I feel so lucky that she is my companion!
Oh! Last pday we went to the Christ statue. That was fun and now I can check that off my list! I still have moments where it feels unreal that I am here in Bolivia. This country is so beautiful and I love it so much!
Have a great week!

Hermana Gardiner

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