Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy February everyone! ‏

 Templo con Hna Pérez
 Teaching with Jenny (she is the same age as Kate... so wierd cause she seems so old!)
The familia Ala
I am constantly in awe with the miracles we can see every day! This week we went to visit an investigator for an appointment and she wasn't there for the second time in a row and I was a little frustrated. I quickly said a prayer in my head and asked that we could find someone to teach. One block later we passed a teenage girl waiting for a taxi and I felt like we needed to talk to her... but we had already passed her and I felt it would be a little awkward to turn around but that didn't matter. We went back and started talking to her. As we presented the Plan of Salvation she told us that this was exactly what she needed to hear. We ended up having an appointment with her and her mom two days later and they both accepted dates for their baptisms! This was just one of the many miracles this week!  Five members of the Ala Family are progressing super well (Corcino, Juanna, Hilda, Idanel, and Ebith)! They are praying and all say they know that this church is true! They are also reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets. They have come to church for the past three weeks (the first time without even being taught, before we were introduced to them!). They are super excited for their baptisms the 22nd of February! It is incredible to teach them and see how the Lord has prepared them for this message! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to bring this knowledge to them! It is definitely a humbling experience to be a missionary! I love this work so much. We also had a blessing with Marina. She is the one that wants to be baptized but is not married and told us that her husband doesn't want to hear us... but Sunday afternoon we went to teach her and her husband was there and he listened to us, and is excited for us to come back so he can ask us all the questions he has! We have great hope that he can learn of the truth and they can get married and baptized!
Things are great with Hermana Pérez. She is learning how to teach more and more according to the needs of the people and really teaches with the spirit. It is so cool to be a part of helping her learn how to be a missionary. She is great! We are always laughing and having fun as we are working hard. I feel so blessed to have her as my companion.
Wellp. I saw a child running with a machete this week. That was interesting. The schools must have forgotten to teach the kids that they shouldn’t run with machetes haha.
I am so happy and things are so good! I am so grateful for all of you and all of your support! Know that I love you so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Have a great week everyone:)

Hermana Gardiner

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