Monday, March 17, 2014


This week was a good week! We saw so many blessings and miracles! We went with a member to visit an investigator and she wasn't home usually we would go back a different way but she said that there was by chance a different road and we decided that we would see if we could find it. We then ran into two cholitas, Margarita and Ximena, that the member knew. We were able to teach them and they accepted baptismal dates! It was definitely the Lord that directed us to go on this street and put them in our path. Oh sad news.. the Ala family have stopped progressing completely so we hope that this week our other investigators can start progressing and we can know better who we need to focus on!
I have also learned this week that I have so so many weaknesses. I feel like the more I am trying to do my best here in the mission, the more I realize I need to do better and change. This talk by Elder Bednar-- has really helped me have a better perspective of what my focus should be and how I can apply the atonement more in my life. It talks about how the atonement is the enabling power that we have to become the best people we can be and is the power to help us do what we cannot do alone! This is so so true. I have felt so many times that I cannot do it. But then I am able to remember my Savior, and that I am not alone. I know that he can help us in every situation if we just turn to him and put our faith in him!
Things are getting exciting here in Colcapirhua. Some city leader sold land out in the area of Esquilan Grande (this is the area of fields with all the cholitas:)) to put a garbage dump for ALL OF COCHAMAMBA and other smaller cities. Let’s just say the people are not pleased. They but garbage all over the city building and blocked the door so people can't enter. They also put donkeys on the steps. It's great. I hope that they don't end up having the dump here cause it is so so pretty and great and the dump would just bring in bad smells and animals... so we'll have to see what happens haha.
Oh this last Friday night we had a special dinner with President Dyer and Hermana Dyer! It was so great. Let’s just say that I don't think I have been so happy to eat a taco salad with ranch dressing in all my life. It was to celebrate the Relief Society and also because Hermana Dyer's friends were visiting and she wanted us to meet them. It was a good ol time with Hna Hill, Hna Black, Hna Forsey, and Hna Alford as we were basically celebrating our nine month mark as well!
Wellp! I hope all goes well getting Molly off! I am so excited to be serving at the same time as Molly! What a cool opportunity! I hope you all have a great week and know I love you all so much!!

Hermana Gardiner        

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