Monday, March 31, 2014

Two thumbs up!

Hola familia!
I am so happy and all is well!
I got to see the yw conference! We watched a recording last night is the stake center. It was so beautiful and I learned so much! I learned that the work I am doing now is so so important to help the women and young girls I am teaching realize their potential and importance as a woman today. Also, it is a great opportunity to help them realize how much the Lord loves them and is ready to bless them if they make and keep covenants with Him. It also made me so grateful for a mother that taught me how much my Heavenly Father loves me and that I should live worthy to return and live with him! I feel so blessed to be a woman in this world today and have the opportunity to be an example and help others understand and see the beauty we can find if we are focused on serving the Lord!
We had huge blessings Saturday and Sunday! It was fast Sunday because of conference, so we were fasting especially for Marina Velarde (i sent the pic a couple weeks ago with her and her two babies) and her family. Her husband hasn't wanted anything to do with the church, but Saturday night we went to visit her with a member and he was there! We were able to teach him about how the family can be eternal and the member was able to answer a lot of his doubts about the different churches there are in the world. The spirit was strong and we invited him to come to church with his family so he, for himself could see what the church really is like. And the biggest miracle of all is that he actually came! It was incredible! He was smiling and seemed like he enjoyed it. Also, because it was fast and testimony meeting the spirit was so strong as the members shared their testimonies of the truth! It was perfect. We can only hope and pray that the spirit touched his heart and he will continue to have the desire to learn more. We'll see how it goes when can teach him again this weekend!
Life is great and we are working hard. It is the last week of the transfer so when I write next week I'll know what will happen with Hna Perez and I. Our goal is that hopefully we can have more investigators with baptismal dates this week! Sorry this letter is short!
I love you all so much!!!

Hermana Gardiner

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