Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tender Mercies‏

 Our district on a rainy walk to the temple
 pretty much all of our zone! i dont think anyone is missing that i know of...
 the back of my name tag--my dork dot from my first day here and my amazing australian sticker from Elder Tempany and my little desk i sit in for hours and hours and hours on end
 me and Hermana Lindsey Greer, a friend from high school and a fellow cherry hill lifeguard
saying goodbye to the canadians who left today

Tender mercies from Heavenly Father are what keep me going here at the MTC. Tender mercies come in many forms. Through the spirit, through the scriptures, through music, and most of the time, through people.
It has been a very long, long, hard week. You just have no choice but to take it day by day and find the simple good things that make being here worth it. Every Sunday we have a devotional, and we don't know who is giving it until we get there. Sunday was easily the hardest, longest day of my life. I was just done, I wasn't feeling well, and I wanted to quit (not that I ever actually would haha, because GARDINERS NEVER GIVE UP). Then, David Archuleta came walking through the door. He was the cutest little RM you have ever seen in your life. He just got home on Wednesday, and you could tell it was hard for him to speak English. He sang beautifully, and it was the strongest I have felt the spirit since I've been here. Heavenly Father answers prayers. It isn't always going to be in the form of an angelic voice--but Heavenly Father will always provide the comfort you need when you ask for it. Because of that, and other little miracles that have happened, I know I can keep going.
Brother Dowling, (fun fact: his wife owns The Dance Club in Provo) a member of my branch presidency, was talking to us one day, and shared with us an incredible insight about ways we receive revelation: "A floodlight will seldomly be used when a flashlight is sufficient." I love that so much. A lot of the time when we are looking for an answer, we expect a huge glorious experience, when really, a lot of the time, all we need is the little flashlight. I felt like that really spoke to me, especially concerning my choosing to go on a mission. I always wanted the floodlight, but the little flashlight had been there all along.
Thank for all of the love! You are all incredible, and I hope you have an amazing week.
Je ils adore,

Soeur Gardiner

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