Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter, the most wonderful time of the year!‏

Me and Hermana Nieves, my cute companion, in the middle!
Hello my dear family!
We are working, working and working and it is so so fun. I just really love this work so much, I wish we had more time in the day to visit more people and talk with more people. I just love being a missionary. Like, right now I am so excited for tomorrow and all the lessons we have planned. I feel like the days are passing so quickly and that there isn't enough time to do all we need to do!
The work is moving along and there is always someone to teach which is great. I think the reason why I love teaching so much is because every teaching experience is an opportunity to feel the love that God has for every one of his children. We are teaching a mom (Maribel) and her daughter (Maria Consuelo). We had taught Maribel the Plan of Salvation and she wanted us to teach it to her daughter as she was washing her clothes in the water hole buy their house. Another lady was washing her clothes and he little kids were just sitting there waiting. This little boy that was probably 3 or 4 came and sat down right next to me and listened quietly as we were teaching. As I looked into his big brown eyes I had a special moment where I really could feel how much God loves him and is aware of him and the grand potential this little boy has as a son of God. His mom wasn't very interested in listening to us, but I hope one day when this little boy has grown older, that the missionaries will find him and he will have the desire to listen to them as he listened to us this day.  It is sad to see how some of the people have to live here. I am determined that the Lord has chosen very very special spirits to live the way they do! The people here are incredible.
We were able to put a baptismal date with Jessica, the daughter of Marina Velarde. She has come to church many times but hasn't wanted to accept a set baptismal date. We were able to set one for the 3rd of May, but she still wanted a firm confirmation that this is the right day. The miracle was that this Sunday the Gospel Principles class was about baptism and the spirit was so strong as a recent convert shared her testimony of being a member and her decision to get baptized. I know the Lord is looking out for our investigators and is always there to help them learn and understand what they need if they really are searching. Mayli ended up going on a trip for two weeks... so it looks like she won't be getting baptized on the third. So so sad, because she is so prepared, but hopefully everything can work out after she gets back! We also have more investigators with baptismal dates and have started teaching the Ale family again, we feel like now they are prepared and ready to accept the gospel!
The pday with Pres. Dyer was fun! And we ate really really good food, with a dessert of brownie with marshmallow and chocolate frosting (like mom makes) so that was good! Our pensionista is going to move out of our area so we had to find a new pensionista for the next month, which I think will be good for my companion because she is struggling with adjusting to the food and our new pensionista will be more willing to help us with that. My companion is just great like I said last week! We are becoming better friends and we are able to work well together. The funny thing though is that we both struggle when it comes to singing haha so when we sing in appointments with our investigators it gets interesting haha. It’s great.
I hope you all had a great Easter! I have always loved this holiday. I don't know why, but it is extra special to me. This year was so beautiful to celebrate Easter here in the mission, because it really is here that I have learned more about my Savior and strengthened my testimony of Him. I know with all my heart that he knows and loves every one of us individually! It is only through Him that we can return to our Father in Heaven. He is willing to do anything for us as we repent and work every day to be a little more like Him. I know that he is the perfect example for us and if we really try to be like Him we will have more and more happiness in our lives. And most of all I know He lives! He is our Savior!
I love you all!

Hermana Gardiner

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