Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dallin H. Oaks, Cafe Rio, and leaving the nest‏

Elder Jonathan Downs! He's a cute elder, even on a P Day. He got here last week and he left today to Kansas!

 Elder Abbate, cutest French elder ever. He LOVES America, especially cheeseburgers. He has learned all of the English he knows from American TV shows, and so he has said a few embarrassing things. He has American flag ties, and even an american flag above his bed. He sings and dances to Let it Go in French, and it is hilarious. He has been helping us with our French, and we have been helping him with his English.
 I love taking selfies because you really get to see people's personalities come out
  Our zone, in blue this week. :)
 Me and Sister Leah Mouritsen, headed to Jamaica!

BONJOUR mes cheries. Here we are at the final week! Oh, what a wonderful thought.
Last Tuesday, we were graced with a talk from Elder Oaks. Yes, that makes THREE apostles in one week! Honestly, the Lord is looking out for me. With everything else that's going on here, hearing these apostles speak have made it all worth it. Elder Oaks laid down the law like he usually tends to do. He gave us some incredible advice. Anyone can change, anyone can achieve, but it takes real hard work and sacrifice to BECOME a missionary. It was an amazing talk! We have been so, so blessed here.

Nothing much has changed! Just getting ready to leave on Sunday. Mom, I can buy a calling card here in the MTC. I have no clue how to use it but it has instructions on it so I can figure it out. Luckily for us I'll most likely be able to skype you all next week! I can't wait to let you know what the island is like.
It feels like it has been a lifetime since I was back at home. I have changed so much, but only in good ways. I feel ready to get out and work hard!!

Last week, two elders from Vanuatu came who are going to Tahiti. I LOVE them. They are so so cute and humble! I am so excited to be around those wonderful people for the next year and a half. Every time I see them (there super shy so I haven’t actually talked to them, other than saying "bonjour!"...) it just gets me so pumped to teach those amazing people. I already love everyone in New Caledonia and I haven't even been there yet!
Sunday will be a beautiful day! Elder Simmons and I are already excited to feed our mate Elder Tempany his first meal at Cafe Rio. We are glad we get to give him a taste of America that is better than the MTC cafeteria. :) Only sad part is, because we cross the international dateline while we're flying, Cinco de Mayo doesn't even happen for us. Hahaha.

Here is my official New Caledonia address!
Soeur Molly Gardiner
Bureau de la Mission
BP 15154
98 804 Noumea Cedex
Nouvelle Caledonie

I love you all! I hope you have a good week. Next you hear from me, I will be in paradise and serving the Lord! I cannot wait.

Soeur Gardiner

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