Monday, April 7, 2014

Miracle(s!) on 42nd Street! ...I always liked that movie

This week was full of so many miracles I don't even know where to start!
Saturday night we went to visit a mom, Marina Carillo (Marina #2) and her daughter, Miciela, that hadn't been progressing much. We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and profets and invited them to the conference yesterday. A friend, Sarel, was also there and expressed how she wants to learn more from us and how she is searching for happiness in her life. The spirit was so strong as we testified of simple gospel truths that bring such great happiness. Yesterday, the mom and daughter came to church, which was the biggest miracle of all! Marina always said that she would come when she felt like she wanted to take that step. AND SHE CAME. It was great. I could not be happier and I know the Lord is guiding us every day!
Saturday we also went to find a girl we contacted in the street and it turns out her house was at the VERY END of our area which I had never even gone before. You see the mountain in the distance and think wow that is far away and then you get to walk there which is fun. Haha, it really was fun though. We followed her directions and ended up at a house, it turned out it wasn't her house but the miracle of it all is that it was the house of a random cholita that started talking to us one day, but left before she could give us more information than, "I live down this road." We got to teach her daughter and we'll be going back Saturday to teach more of her family! The Lord definitely prepares the way!
We also found a new investigator, Mayli (pronounced, Miley), it is cool cause we started out talking to her aunt when we were searching for a less active, we then taught her brother and then one day she opened the door and we got to know her and she is so so prepared! She is already living basically all the commandments and she is looking for the true chruch! She loves reading and is so so excited to read the Book of Mormon. It'll be fun to see how she progresses!!
And there are a million other blessings and miracles I could share... We are so so blessed! This work is amazing! I am just so happy.
I have come to realize that there is something magical about this work! I feel like I work as hard as I can every week and then the next week I have the strength and ability to work just a little bit harder. I feel like this really comes through the Atonement. I really is the enabling power to help us do the things we cannot do alone!
Oh yeah my transfer... hahaha! Wellp my cute companion, Hna Perez, is going to be in the same zone as Hna Hill. She is sad, she really wanted to stay here with me another transfer, but I know the Lord has so many people prepared for her there. I will be staying here and training! I am excited. It will be cool because my companion will have started her mission the same day as Molly! So it'll be special, like I am training Molly. I feel like we will see many more miracles and blessings this next transfer!
Wellp Conference was just great, right?! It is so great to hear the words of the Lord! I really felt like there was a big emphasis on the Atonement and having our faith set on Christ! I loved it all! I will definitely be looking forward to reading the talks in English. We only ended up seeing one session in English and the rest in Spanish. (Mom can you send me the English conference ensign when it comes out? thanks!) Conference always helps me adjust my focus and helps me know what I need to change and be better at.
I hope you all have a great week, especially with the birthday of Emma!!!!! I love you al so so much!

Hermana Gardiner

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