Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello dear family!!!
This was a great week! I just love being a missionary so much!
Yesterday I had one of the most beautiful experience of all my mission. I was so set that we were going to have a lot of investigators at church because we had worked so hard, invited EVERYONE we talked to, and even did a special fast for our investigators so they could start progressing and I was trying my best to exercise all the faith I had. As you can imagine I was devastated when no one came to church, but when I was partaking of the sacrament I felt peace and knew I was not alone. Then, in the Gospel Principles class we talked about faith and action. I felt like, "Okay, I just have to have to work harder with the members in inviting them to help us pick up the investigators for church, because I have been lacking on that." I felt like I knew what I needed to do to have more success the next week. In Relief Society the lesson was on trusting in the Lord, especially in our afflictions. This brought me peace and comfort and I knew the Lord would bless us in his timing. AND HE DID! As the other ward that is after ours was leaving their sacrament meeting, out walked two of our investigators, Rosemary and Wilson!!! They arrived late and couldn't find us so they just entered with the other ward. I almost started crying... actually I'm pretty sure a couple tears fell from my eyes because I was so happy and felt so so blessed. Heavenly Father heard my prayers! It was incredible! I felt so strongly the love of the Lord in this moment. I know with all my heart we are never alone and the Lord is always with us! Rosemary and Wilson loved the meeting and are excited to come back the next Sunday! Rosemary also has a date for her baptism the 12th of April, and this week we will definitely invite Wilson to be baptized with his wife!
This week I also had another intercambio with Hermana Bolaños. I was great! We had a beautiful lesson with some less actives so that was great. I always learn so much from Hna. Bolaños. She is a great teacher and has a great love for everyone. We also had a FHE with a family and we almost got stuck with finding a home for a baby kitten at 9pm so that was interesting. Haha it was great remembering our time in Sucre. I sure miss Sucre. My family from Sucre (my pensionista Estella and Leidy) are coming to the temple this Friday/Saturday so Leidy can receive her endowment before she leaves on the mission April 10! Hopefully we can get permission, or work it out that we can see them. I sure miss them and love them! The mission really is incredible. All the people we get to know and love. It is one of a kind. I am so grateful for my decision to go on the mission! I will never forget this time here in Bolivia! Oh, I also found out I have a semi-convert!!! Domy from Sucre, who I taught the first 3 lessons to, finally got baptized! I was so happy to hear this. She is so great!
The update here in Cocapirhua is that after two days of blockados they figured things out with the dump and everything, but we've asked and nobody knows what the final result was. So funny. The other day we were in Esquilan Grande (the fields) and we set up an appointment with two of our investigators and their friends. I was on the intercambio when we had the lesson, but Hna. Perez told me that the people just kept coming and coming as they were teaching and wanted to listen. We ended up getting 6 new investigators in this one lesson and they all want to read the Book of Mormon as well! So cool! We have another lesson with all of them Friday, so we'll see how that goes! Things are moving along and we have a lot of hope that our investigators will start progressing!
Wellp, life is good! I love you all and the Church is true!

Hermana Gardiner

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